Legal Internship

Internship Program

At Shekinah Law, we understand the importance of good mentoring and the expectation to quickly adapt to a demanding work environment in private practice for the young practitioners. The internship program is designed to mentor law students and law graduates to apply, test and advance their legal knowledge, skills and legal insight acquired through their academic rigor in law school within a professional setting and for them to gain invaluable experience of working in a demanding work environment.

Our current internship programs targets two specific audience namely –

  1. Law Students – these are students who are still undertaking their Bachelor in Law program at the Universities in Fiji; and
  2.  Graduate Law Students – students who have completed or have graduated with a Bachelor of Law, and have completed the Bar program or awaiting the start of the Bar program and wish to gain some invaluable work experience.

The time allocated for the internship are as follows –

  1. Law Students – between 10 days – 1 month.
  2. Graduate Law Students: 3 months – 6 months.

As a general guide, an Intern at SL should have the following characters:

  1. Be a Team player.
  2. Show a willingness to learn.
  3.  Has the ability to work independently on certain tasks.
  4.  Show good initiative.
  5. Have excellent interpersonal skills.

The intern/s will be placed under the guidance of a Lawyer in the Firm who will provide overall mentoring to the Intern throughout the period of their internship.

If you wish to apply for an internship position, please send your expression of interest with your latest transcripts to