Meet the SL Team

Laurel Vaurasi


1996:  Bachelor of Law (Bond University in Queensland, Australia)

1996: Admitted to the Supreme Court of Queensland.

1997:  Masters of Law (Queensland University of Technology).

1998: Admitted to the High Court of Fiji.

2017: Professional Diploma in Legislative Drafting (USP, Fiji)

2018:  Accredited Mediator by the Singapore Mediation Centre and Fiji Mediation Office.

Work Experience                                                                                                                                       

Laurel is the Principal of Shekinah Law. Laurel’s work experience commenced at the Native Land Trust Board as a law clerk before her studies then work experience at the Crown office in Queensland in 1996, and also in the private sector in New South Wales, in 1997. In 1998 Laurel moved back to Fiji and joined a private practice focusing on Conveyancing and Litigation Matters until 2002.  She joined as an in house counsel for the Carpenters Fiji Ltd group attending predominantly to their finance and employment matters. Later in 2003 Laurel joined a private firm and became a partner. Laurel worked on a number of big investment development work in Fiji, as well commercial work. In 2007 she headed the Legal Department for the Superannuation Fund in Fiji based at the Suva office before opening Shekinah Law. Laurel set up Shekinah Law in 2009.  Laurel has over 15 years of civil litigation, family law, commercial law, conveyancing, contract law, torts and criminal litigation experience.  Laurel is also an accredited Mediator by the Singapore Mediation Centre.

Laurel is the first female President of the Fiji Law Society, a position she held for four years bringing about much needed changes and growth for the Society with her Council members.  Laurel is also a member of a number of Boards in Fiji and the Legal Advisor for Scripture Union, Fiji. Laurel is married to Samson and enjoys raising their two sons and two daughters. Apart from work and family, Laurel also enjoys reading, travelling and swimming.


Seruwaia Nayacalevu


2008: Bachelor of Law  (University of the South Pacific(“USP”)-Emalus Campus).

2009:  Professional Diploma in Legal Practice (USP, School of Law, Fiji ).

August 2009: Admitted to the High Court of Fiji.

2017: Professional Diploma in Legislative Drafting (USP, School of Law, Fiji )

2018: Masters of Law (Emory University, School of Law, ATL, GA, USA)

Work Experience:

Seruwaia started with Shekinah Law in September 2011 and is the Senior Associate. She is also team leader litigation and handles matters in Family Law (relating to Adoption, Maintenance, Property, and Distribution), Estate litigation, Local government prosecution, criminal defense, tort law and other civil litigation matters.

Seruwaia has had work experience at private law firms, the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and at Government where she commenced her legal career, in Legislative Drafting, prior to joining Shekinah Law. In 2016, she was one of the two lawyers from the Pacific region to be awarded the Ross Ray Scholarship given by the South Pacific Lawyers Association to undertake the Advocacy Course offered by the Australian Law Society, which she completed competently. Seruwaia was also one of the pioneer young lawyers for the Kingdom International Legal Network Lawyers Exchange Program from Shekinah Law to Corney & Lind Lawyers, a Christian Law Firm in Brisbane, Australia.

Seruwaia is a Fulbright Scholar, having being awarded with a Fulbright Scholarship and an Emory Law Scholarship in 2017 to pursue her Masters in Law. She graduated with her Masters in Law with Honors in May 2018. As part of something that she enjoys, Seruwaia is also a sessional Consultant Lecturer at the University of the South Pacific undergraduate law program. She started off tutoring students in first and second year law in 2014, before tutoring 3rd and final year law students, before taking up the position of sessional consultant lecturer.  Even with her work and teaching load Seruwaia cherishes time spent with her loved ones and partnering with her husband for interdenominational youth ministry work particularly for Pacific Students for Christ Ministry.


Varea Seduadua


2017: Bachelor of Law  (University of the South Pacific(“USP”)-Emalus Campus).

2017:  Professional Diploma in Legal Practice (USP, School of Law, Fiji ).

August 2017: Admitted to the High Court of Fiji.

Work Experience:

Varea Seduadua started with Shekinah Law in 2018 and is the Associate Lawyer. Varea graduated from the University of the South Pacific in September 2017. He was admitted to the bar on 21 February, 2018. Prior to joining Shekinah Law in August, 2018, Varea was an attachee at the Legal Aid Commission for six months. Varea continues to grow remarkably in the litigation Team and appears for matters from the Magistrates Court to the Court of Appeal level.  Varea’s apt legal skills and knowledge continue to improve with every passing month and he is very dedicated to tasks and filed that are allocated to him. When he is amongst his loved ones and friends, Varea loves to cook and play a variety of sports.


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