Community Work

Pro Bono Legal Work

Apart from the various paid legal services on offer, Shekinah Law’s professional and support staffs are also committed to doing work on a pro bono basis on a consistent basis concerting its efforts on different cases like domestic violence related matters, family matters, probate matter, Estate matters, to charitable organizations whose work is designed to fulfill other important needs in the community; and those organizations whose primary mission is to serve the less fortunate in society on a case by case basis. All requests for pro bono work is made directly to the Principal of the Firm. Shekinah Law lawyers have represented domestic violence victims through Fiji Women Crisis Centre referrals or those that have directly approached the Principal, seeking legal assistance.  Shekinah Law has also done awareness presentations to charitable organizations on their legal responsibilities.


Scripture Union Fiji

The Principal of Shekinah Law, Laurel Vaurasi, is also the legal advisor for Scripture Union, Fiji, which is a non for profit organization for young people. She provides not only legal advice and legal training’s to the Scripture Union Board and young volunteers, but she is also an inspirational speaker to young leaders in primary and secondary schools in Fiji.